We produce a number of products designed and manufactured specifically to combat everyday industrial cleaning difficulties. Having accumulated over 20 years of experience of creating specialist wipes, it’s highly likely that we already have the perfect solution for you. However, we’re experts in problem-solving – no matter how complex the brief maybe, we can work to create the product that fulfils it.

Having your specifications in mind from step one allows us to create a product that you can rely on during every step of your own processes. We don’t just stop at the product – our unique packaging can be tailored to your needs too.

Machinery and equipment are at the core of the industrial world, which is why we shouldn’t settle for average products when it comes to maintaining it. Our cleaning solutions can help you to maintain the highest of standards, no matter how complex the requirements.

Industrial Wipes Prevent Skin Diseases

Industrial strength wipes are the best solution to prevent work-related skin diseases like irritant contact dermatitis, that can be contracted from solvents, cement, resins and cutting fluids.
Industry statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that 20,000 skin diseases come from workplaces, with 7000 new cases each year.


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Some of our industrial applications: