Do you require custom wipes for surface preparation?

At Speciality Wipes, we engineer specialist wiping products for a number of industries and applications, including aerospace wipes, automotive wipes and industrial wipes. Working in partnership with you, we can create a solution that meets the specific requirements of your application, no matter how complex it may be.

You may be used to using a fluid and cloth method for your cleaning and surface preparation and do not yet realise the benefits of using pre-saturated composite wipes. Or perhaps you’re here because you have a specific requirement, and conventional, commercial products simply do not work.

We understand the frustration of using an inadequate or incorrect wiping product; too large, too small, too dry, too wet. Maybe the packaging is too large or the product is inefficient in design.  There may even be a process issues, VOC reduction challenges, or you may want to increase the efficiency of the product by changing the packaging or dispensing method. The list is endless but there is no need to settle for a standard product.

By harnessing new ideas and technologies, we can provide superior wiping products for a diverse range of industries and applications. So, what challenge do you have for us today?