Electronics is the industry of the future; it’s fast paced, ever evolving and unpredictable. That’s why Speciality Wipes are the perfect partnership for cleaning solutions in the electronics industry.

For over 20 years we’ve built a portfolio of products that are specially designed to combat the specific cleaning problems that occur in electronics. Some of these include ultra low lint wipes, understencil cleaning rolls, surface protection and bulk cleaning fluids.

Electrical contractors are guaranteed to get their hands dirty, whether it’s chasing out walls for sockets or pulling cables through loft spaces. Grime will start to build up on their hands quite easily with soap and water not always getting rid of it.

This can include substances such as:
PU Foam

Experience, in-depth research and thorough testing methods are behind the success of our products. As a result, we can proudly say that our wipes are the very best on the market.

Quality control is very important to us, we’re registered to ISO9001:2015 and we ensure that all products are manufactured to the very highest of standards. We can uphold this quality as we manufacture all of our own products – we don’t distribute for any third parties. This means we’re in control from beginning to end, with complete understanding of the specifications required to meet your needs.

We use only the finest materials to produce our wipes, implementing the very latest technology available today. Sontara fabrics by DuPont form the basis for many of our cleaning products including our understencil cleaning rolls and high performance wipes.


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No matter how complex the requirements, we can produce a tailor made solution for you. Some of our products are listed to the right, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Some of our electronics products:

  • Understencil cleaning rolls for all current printers
  • Presaturated wipes with IPA, epoxy remover
  • Dry ultra-low lint wipes
  • Nano-particle release agents