Speciality Wipes Products

Specialist wipes for specialist industries. Our list of wiping products is by no means exhaustive – and in some ways only limited to your imagination.

Over many years of technical enquiries, we’ve developed a wide selection of wiping solutions for the automotive, aerospace, industrial and electronic industries which can be explored by looking at our applications below. Many of our products, although unique in their design, have applications which cross over several industries.

We specialise in producing bespoke and innovative wiping solutions, which are specifically developed for your process. Convenient, effective and engineered bespoke to your requirements, our pre-saturated wipes meet even the most stringent demands.

When considering your choice of wiping medium the process will almost certainly involve more than simply cleaning:

  • How is the product delivered to the point of use?
  • How is the product stored to maximize storage space as well as reducing transport costs?
  • What environmental considerations have been given to the application?
  • Can we reduce VOC emissions by being more innovative with our dispensing and disposal methods?

Your solution may not even exist yet, but no matter how complex the specifications, here at Speciality Wipes we can develop your perfect wipe which provides the highest quality application, process and packaging solution.

We can produce your specialist products

Our products are separated into four industries but there’s a lot of application cross over with products that can be used in various industries. Whereas some products will only perform one function because of their specialist nature.

Remember though, if your product or idea doesn’t appear in our product list don’t worry.  Get in touch and discuss what you need.  We can solve your problem or requirement.

Types of wiping applications:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • Degreasing
  • Surface modifying
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Wipe evident
  • Anti-Microbial