Speciality Wipes have introduced a new brand selection of alcohol antibacterial wipes that were developed during the Coronavirus pandemic. They are available in a variety of buckets and tubs with the UK governmental recommended alcohol level of 70%. Our alcohol anti-bacterial wipes are the perfect combination of isopropyl alcohol and ethanol to give a very broad spectrum fast kill of all microbes and virus on all surfaces. Our wipes are certified to both EN1276:2019 and  EN1650 for full food contact.

The certificates may be found here along with the material safety data sheet:

ADT20F006IB_EN1276_2019 Certification

ADT20F006IY EN1650

(66) Speciality Wipes Alcohol 70% Surface Sani CLP (Rev04) 9 Jun 20

Product Description for Alchohol AntiBacterial Wipes

Outlasting lower quality alternatives, these wipes go a long way thanks to the amazingly tough Sontara 9960 fabric used as the wiper, they are ultra-low lint and high performance.  The product is available in the following convenient formats:

  • Carton 6 tubs of 130 sheets 20cm x 20cm.
  • Carton of 3 buckets of 500 sheets 19cm x 20cm.
  • Carton of 2 buckets of 500 sheets 19cm x 30cm.

Refill pouches are available for all the bucket and tub styles.

Why take the chance?  These wipes give almost instant bacteria and virus kill when compared to water-based alternatives.

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