Acetone Wipes from Speciality Wipes

Available in both a dispensing tin or as a refill pouch, our acetone wipes at Speciality Wipes remove many of the hazards associated with the traditional cloth and bulk liquid method of use.

A uniquely formulated, ultra-low-lint, ultra-strong, high-tech, no-woven wipe that’s ideal for heavy industrial cleaning.

Our Acetones wipes are designed to be used on all types of metals as preparation for dirt-free joints prior to welding. Commonly used to clean stainless steel, titanium and other exotic metals in the aerospace industry these wipes are essential for clean weld preparation.

Strong, durable and perfect for removing dirt, grease and other contaminants, we regularly provide acetone wipes to customers in the following industries; aerospaceautomotiveindustrial and electronics. Contact us today to know more information and if you’d like to read about aerospace wipes in action take a look at our Case Studies.


Acetone Wipes Large Tin

Key Benefits of Acetone Wipes

Unlike any other wipes you’ll find, acetone wipes deliver the very best cleaning solutions

In-Use Benefits

  • Conveniently packaged in a reusable UN rated dispensing metal tin
  • Every wipe is uniformly saturated
  • No risk of cross contamination
  • Refill packs make for a more economical product

Health and Safety Benefits

  • Removal of bulk liquid from the workplace
  • Massively reduce the risk of splash injuries
  • Reduction in vapours

Environmental Benefits

  • Large reduction on VOC emission

Acetone Wipes in Use

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As acetone wipes are uniformly saturated, we can provide you with a unique wiping solution which is tailored to your requirements. This guarantees you NO contamination and a thorough clean always. For more information about our acetone wipes, or any of our other products, please contact a member of our team today.