Wonderful Wipes for Surface Preparation

2:54pm 8/08/19

At Speciality Wipes, we engineer specialist wiping products for a number of industries, often providing custom products for surface preparation.

In the past, people may have used a fluid and cloth combination method for cleaning and surface preparation – completely undermining the benefits of using a pre-saturated composite wipes.

Often, wiping products are inadequate or incorrect – due to their size or viscosity – or even issues with the packaging.

There’s an endless list of potential issues with surface preparation, but here at Speciality Wipes, we harness new ideas and technologies and appreciate the challenge of providing a non-standard product for your application.

The Benefits of our Pre-Saturated Wipes in Surface Preparation

We’re sure we have the solution for you, whether you’re in the automotive, aerospace, electronic and industrial industries. Our wiping solutions give you complete control of the cleaning process from start to finish, as well an ensuring that there’s no cross contamination between products.

There’s a number of advantages to using a pre-saturated wipe for surface preparation:

  • Significant reduction in emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
  • Removal of bulk liquid containers from the work area.
  • No chance of cross contamination from one product to another.
  • Complete control over the cleaning process.
  • The storage, transport and handling considerations of solvent impregnated wipes have a huge impact on health and safety when compared with traditional liquid-and-cloth processes.
  • Traceability of the products back to source.
  • Tamper evident means no chance of contamination within your production environment.
  • Portable and convenient, making it ideal for field operatives.

Contact Us for Our Surface Preparation Wipes

If you’d like to learn more about our surface preparation wipes and how they can provide a cost-effective replacement to your current surface preparation, then please get in touch with our exceptional team today who will be able to provide you with more information.