What Applications Can I Use IPA Wipes For?

11:35am 28/08/20

Pre-saturated IPA Wipes from Speciality Wipes are a convenient and effective wipe that contains the optimal amount of solvent for the cleaning task.

Pre-saturated wipes will improve your health and safety by replacing dispensing bottles and glass containers whilst minimising user exposure. Our wipes are designed with increased absorbency, being tear-resistant and maintaining their strength when wet plus they are non-abrasive.

The Effectiveness of IPA Wipes

Pre-saturated wipes are the best choice for the final preparation, cleaning and degreasing of all substrates prior to adhesive bonding plus they can be used to clean up many uncured adhesives, sealants and resins.

IPA wipes are also used for cleaning in cleanrooms and other controlled environments due to their enhanced ability to clean a wide range of contamination from critical surfaces with the isopropyl alcohol evaporating quickly. They will remove dust, grease and fingerprints and they are often the first choice for use on stainless steel. Because they are safe on the majority of plastics, wipes from Speciality Wipes are used for general cleaning and degreasing tasks.

Cleaning Applications Explained

Here is a comprehensive list of cleaning applications for isopropyl alcohol wipes –

  • Digital printers and print heads
  • Tape recorder heads
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Connectors and gold fingers
  • Microwave and telephone circuit and mobile phones
  • Data processing, computers, photocopiers and office equipment
  • LCD panels
  • Medical equipment
  • Relays
  • Flux cleaning and removal
  • Optics and fibre optics, fibre optic connectors
  • Phonograph records, vinyl LPs, CDs and DVDs
  • Glass
  • Preparation of metal and composite surfaces prior to painting

Get in Touch for More Information

As you can see our IPA wipes can be used for numerous applications in different settings, so if you have a cleaning or degreasing tasks contact Speciality Wipes.

Our range of wipes is used across numerous sectors, including aerospace, medical, industrial, electrical and automotive. We are also AMS3819 and BMF15-5F approved to give you the assurance that you are working with a reliable and trusted supplier.