UVA Trace Wipes

UVaTrace® Wipes by Speciality Wipes

Have I already wiped that section? How can I tell? These are some common questions that staff may ask themselves after a busy day – no matter what the industry, be it automotive, aerospace, industrial or electrical. The good news is that with our UVaTrace® ultraviolet trace wipes, you can see exactly where you’ve wiped and which areas require treatment. This helps to save time and reduce costs by reducing the need for investing in reworks.

How do our UVaTrace® wipes work?

The pre-treatment of a painted surface is critical to the quality of the final finish so to know which parts of the panel have been prepared is essential. The active ultraviolet (UV) trace element within this wipe allows the panel to fluoresce when exposed to an ultra violet light source showing which parts of the panel or surface have been not prepared correctly. The panel may then be sprayed directly onto without the need to remove the ultra violet trace element.

Our UVaTrace® wipes are available in an isopropyl alcohol (IPA) base, typically mixed with 30% deionised water (DI) although we have various strengths available from 20% IPA, 80% DI to 100% IPA wipes.

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For the professional user either OEM, MRO or aftermarket automotive the benefits of this product are enormous in terms of the saving in rework costs of an incorrectly prepared panel, aircraft structure or whole car body. Our UVatrace® wipes also removes the expensive rework cost from your production. For more information about our UVaTrace® wipes, please contact us today, a member of our team will be more than happy to help and can advise you on choosing the right wiping solution for your processes.