Use Aircraft Degreaser and Reduce Oily Wastewater

3:47pm 25/11/19

Specially manufactured aircraft degreaser from Speciality Wipes is the only way to ensure you can adhere to strict Government regulations on the safe removal of oily waste water from wash bays.
Conventional chemicals create large volumes of oily waste water that cannot be released down sewers or into waterways.

Separating grease and oil deposits from waste water means that the water can be re-used, re-purposed and further treated to remove other impurities or legally disposed of down sewers. Conventional degreasing solvents can often hamper effective separation of oil and water which causes a chemical reaction that creates an oily emulsion. This emulsion is very difficult, costly and time-consuming to separate through filtration and chemical methods.

Surfex IPA Wipes Achieve Excellent Surface Preparation

Speciality Wipes offer Surfex IPA Wipes, which are the perfect solution for surface preparation of aircraft. With varying combinations of Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and de-ionised water (DI) from 10% IPA through to 100% concentration, these wipes offer the most intense cleaning experience.

The liquid concentration is half that of a pre-saturated wipe. We also offer all concentrations in all base substrates including Veraclean® AMS3819 approved material for aviation use.
Speciality Wipes give you the option of both a folded pouch product or a centre-feed coreless option, which depends on your application, usage or environment that the product is used in.

Here are some advantages of using our aircraft degreaser products –

Save Money – Using our aircraft wipes will save you money associated with greasy waste water removal and disposal.
Protect Your Staff – Our selection of aerospace wipes will protect your workers from harmful chemicals, that will reduce worker sick days and illness.

Get to Grips with Aircraft Degreasers

If you require aircraft degreaser wipes for your fleet, look no further than industry leaders Speciality Wipes. Got any questions? Why not contact us today, and one of our team of specialists will be able to help.