The Importance of Using the Correct Aerospace Wipes

2:34pm 28/06/19

Choosing the best type of aerospace wipes for cleaning your aircraft is the only way to guarantee excellent results.
Here at Speciality Wipes, we engineer bespoke wiping products which can be used in a host of industries such as the industrial, aerospace and automotive industries.

Aerospace Wipes Combat Long Flights Dirt Build-up

We’ve recently seen that Airbus is preparing the launch of a new long-range aircraft which is set to launch at the Paris Air Show later in June.
The longer range jet, which is being referred to as A321XR (an upgrade of their previous A321 model) could be set to hit the skies in 2023-24.
One thing is for sure, given this jet will spend considerably more time in the air that when it lands it will require a thorough clean inside and out.

Aircraft Degreasing with Aerospace Wipes

MEK Wipes are one of a number wipes we offer, developed from an organic compound uniquely blended into a strong, low-lint non-woven wipe that will remove tar, inks and grease from any aircraft.
Here’s some great reason to use Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) for your aerospace wipes –
• A reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions
• MEK Wipes are stored as a flammable solid not liquid which means you won’t need to bund
• No splash hazard
• You will get a clean wipe every time with no cross contamination

Speciality Wipes have developed a unique dispensing system that dispenses MEK wipes plus it’s also a UN approved storage vessel for transport.
In accordance with AS9100 standards, each pack of aircraft wipes is individually batch coded making them completely traceable to the source materials.

Order Your Aerospace Wipes from Speciality Wipes

Speciality Wipes believe in not accepting the norm and aiming for the highest quality of aerospace wipes for your aircraft.
If you’d like to know more about our range of aircraft wipes please get in touch today.