Get Ready for Take Off with Aircraft Wipes

2:28pm 16/08/19

Investing in high-quality aircraft wipes from Speciality Wipes is one of the best ways to guarantee a comfortable and clean journey for your passengers.
We have developed highly effective cleaning technology that makes these tasks straight forward.

Here are some examples where you can use our aircraft interior wipes –

• Trays
• Toilet Compartments including Basins, toilets and surroundings
• Galleys
• Cabins including bulkheads and drop-down tables
• Armrests

Developers Look for Comfort in Science

Seating developers now looking at what causes discomfort on flights, are turning to science for their answers. This harks back to something called the ‘human factor’ and studying how we as a species sit comfortably and how our bodies help us to do this.
Human beings’ bodies are not naturally designed for sitting down having evolved from being hunter-gatherers. We have grown in size and started to hold ourselves much straighter over our years of evolution which can put a strain on the body when we sit.
As the body is very sensitive to temperature changes more aircraft manufacturers are also investing in temperature-controlled ‘breathable’ seat cover material that helps passengers relax on long and short flights.

With seating manufacturers looking to develop more lightweight, space-saving and durable seating for aircraft coupled with Speciality Wipes’ interior wipes the inside of your aircraft will look and feel outstanding ready for your next flight.

The Complete Package from Speciality Wipes

Not only do we stock the finest interior aircraft wipes Speciality Wipes’ range of composite wipes are the finest on the market at removing oils and greases from both metal and composite materials. The base material is extremely tough and resistant to abrasions plus they are both approved AMS3819 and BMF150-5F and non-approved base material. To make them more efficient for you our aerospace wipes can be supplied in either buckets, tubs or pouches for easy dispensing.

Get in Touch for Aircraft Wipes

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