For Professional Surface Preparation Surfex® IPA Wipes

Surface preparation is critical. For the professional the correct choice of surface preparation material is essential. That’s why we offer Surfex® IPA Wipes as the solution for the professional user. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA wipes) combined with varying amounts of de-ionised (DI) water for varying applications. Our IPA wipes from Speciality Wipes are perfect for numerous specialist applications:

  • Paint Surface preparation
  • Panel de-greasing for metal, plastic and rubbers
  • Vehicle wrapping preparation
  • Adhesion promoter
  • Electrofusion pipe welding
  • Exotic metal and delicate parts cleaning
  • Printed circuit board cleaning (PCB) and solder paste removal

The list goes on.  We could add quite literally hundreds of applications that we have manufactured IPA wipes for over numerous years. For surface preparation, Surfex® is our brand. We use for IPA wipes and we offer the product in varying combinations of IPA and DI water from 10% IPA through to 100% concentration for the most intense cleaning.

Of course the liquid concentration is only half of a pre-saturated wipe.  The choice of the base substrate material is also critical in the overall performance of the finished product; we can offer all concentrations in all base substrates including Veraclean® AMS3819 approved material for aviation use.

IPA Surfex Wipes - Speciality Wipes

Surface Preparation Options with Surfex® IPA Wipes

Pouch or tub product?  We can offer both options.  As a manufacturer we are able to produce both a folded pouch product or a centre-feed coreless option depending on your application, usage or environment where the product is used.  Surfex® IPA Wipes usually would be offered in four standard base fabrics:

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