Why are our Surfex IPA Wipes used Across Industries?

11:30am 18/06/18

In a wide range of industries, the surface preparation material is as critical as the actual preparation – which is exactly why we offer Surfex IPA wipes for the professional user. The wipes combine isopropyl alcohol and varying amounts of de-ionised water for varying specialist applications, such as the preparation of paint surfaces, de-greasing metal, plastic and rubbers, vehicle wrapping preparation, the cleaning of exotic metals and delicate parts, and printed circuit board cleaning.

The variation in isopropyl alcohol and de-ionised water changes dependant on how intense the cleaning at hand is. The combinations range from 10% isopropyl alcohol to 100% concentration, dependent on the need for them.

Hundreds of Applications with Surfex IPA Wipes

At Speciality Wipes, we’re confident in our ability to engineer specialist wiping products like our Surfex IPA Wipes that meet the specific requirements of your application, no matter of how complex it might be.

We understand the frustration of using inadequate or incorrect wiping products, whether that’s because the product is too large or small, or the product is inefficient in its design. By harnessing new ideas and technologies, we can provide superior wiping products for a diverse range of industries.

Our product can come in a pouch or tub, perfected for your application – with differences in base fabrics available in our Surfex IPA Wipes – such as poly viscose thermobond, Veraclean Aviation approved fabric and critical laser cut and sealed wipes.

Contact us for information surrounding our Surfex IPA Wipes

If you’d like more information about our Surfex IPA Wipes and how they can provide professional surface preparation for your application, please contact our expert team who will be able to guide you through the process.

Engineered products are our passion, and we pioneer cutting edge techniques to create products that fit seamlessly into your processes, considering every detail on our creation journey.