Short Flights Require Cleansing with Aircraft Wipes

12:39pm 30/07/19

As airlines move away from the hub and spoke operations to point-to-point routes smaller twin-engine aircraft are making more commercial sense. No matter how long your flights are one thing you can’t forget about is cleaning your aircraft when it’s touched down and the best way to do this is with Speciality Wipes’ range of innovative aircraft wipes.

In our latest blog, we are going to look at some of the shortest A380 flights being piloted by various providers and the best methods to employ to clean them thoroughly.

The Shortest Flights on Record

Emirates recently launched the world’s shortest A380 flight with their aircraft flying from Dubai to Muscat at the start of July despite being just 340km apart (211 miles).
Emirates’ Commercial Operations Center Sheikh Aimen bin Ahmed Al Hosni said of the flight,

“The introduction of the A380 services to Muscat means more of our customers will have the opportunity to experience our industry-leading products on-board, and will also enhance choice and travel preferences, as they plan their journeys.”

The plane only spent 40 minutes in the air at an altitude of around 19,000 feet; half the altitude an A380 flight would usually cruise at.

The second shortest flight aboard an A380 is from Dubai to Jeddah with a distance of 1927km (1042 miles); flying approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Aircraft cleaning teams work on a strict schedule with an operation known as ‘Turn Clean’ undertaken between short flights such as those mentioned above.
Having developed highly effective cleaning technology our aircraft wipes will achieve the best levels of cleanliness to ensure your passengers have a relaxing journey.

Aircraft Wipes from the Industry Experts

Speciality Wipes’ range of composite wipes is specifically designed for the aerospace sector, ensuring your flights meet the strictest health and safety standards for safe flights.
If you’re looking to have a specific range of wipes developed for your aircraft or would like to know more about any of our products, please contact us today.