Engineered Wipes for theAerospace Industry

We specialise in offering innovative aerospace wipes for aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and repair markets. Here at Speciality Wipes, our ability to work closely with key suppliers means that we can manufacture custom products which meet the exacting standards of the industry whilst also being suitable for use both inside and outside the aircraft. Innovative solutions such as Aviation Grade Wipes are at the heart of what we do, and our manufacturing expertise and knowledge of the industry means that you can be confident of our results.

More About Aviation Grade Wipes / Aerospace Wipes:

Safety is the keyword when choosing the materials to manufacture our aviation grade wipes. The aviation industry demands precision and attention to detail, and we’re invested in delivering products which fulfill these demands. Our dedication to providing absolute safety is guaranteed by combining carefully selected supply partners with stringent audited production processes. As a further safeguard, every product is traceable back to its constituent component materials should a problem occur.

Traceability, certification and our unique technical backup mean that we are the natural choice of partner for your aerospace wipes. Contact us for more information

Aerospace Product List January 2020

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We produce aerospace wipes that conform to the following aviation standards:

Standards include:

  • AMS3819 C, class 2, grade A
  • BMS 15-5G Class A
  • RIMS 1003 Grade A, Class A, Type 1
  • LIMCO P5396
  • DIMS 1820