Safe Commercial Travel with Speciality Wipes

11:00am 3/02/20

According to a recent survey from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology commercial air travel is the safest it’s ever been.
Here at Speciality Wipes, we understand the importance of having a safe and clean flight no matter your destination.

The commissioned survey has revealed that between 2008 and 2017 the number of passenger fatalities has dropped.
The rate is now one death per 7.9 million passenger boarding’s, compared to one death per 2.7 million boardings during the period 1998-2007 and one death per 1.3 million boardings during 1988-1997.

Going back even further, the commercial airline fatality risk was one death per 750,000 boardings during 1978-1987 and one death per 350,000 boarding’s between 1968 and 1977.

Arnold Barnett, an MIT Scholar who published the paper commented on the results,

“The worldwide risk of being killed had been dropping by a factor of two every decade.
“Not only has that continued in the last decade, but the latest improvement is also closer to a factor of three. The pace of improvement has not slackened at all even as flying has gotten ever safer and further gains become harder to achieve. That is really quite impressive and is important for people to bear in mind.”

Quality Aircraft Wipes make for Pleasant Flights

Speciality Wipes offer the finest range on interior aircraft wipes which have been approved by Boeing D6-7127 Revision M Standards, meaning they have been thoroughly tested on various surfaces.
This product is available in both BMF15-5F approved Veraclean® fabric and AMS3819 or alternatively in our standard high-performance apertured base fabric. They have also been tested to AMS1550B specifications which refers to a water-base cleaner in the form of a concentrated liquid.

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