How to Remove Polyurethane Foam

2:39pm 15/05/20

For electricians expanding foam can land on your hands and be difficult to remove.

Speciality Wipes are the leading provider of electrical wipes that remove substances such as PU foam, silicone and varnishes.

Our wipes include ultra-low lint wipes, under stencil cleaning rolls, surface protection and bulk cleaning fluids.

Using Electrical Wipes for PU foam Removal

Polyurethane foams (PU foams) require solvents to clean up while they remain wet or uncured. Latex foams on the other hand (excuse the pun) expand less and stays flexible as it dries and can be cleaned up when uncured with soap and water.

PU foam on rigid and soft surfaces will require solvents such as Acetone wipes (provided by Speciality Wipes) to removed uncured polyurethane foam.

You will need to wipe off the foam using wipes and rub off the final sticky layer using petroleum jelly or baby oil.

Expanding foam dries and hardens in between 1 and 8 hours, depending on the product. If PU foam does dry on your skin, you can use Acetone wipes to rub it off and after a week or so any excess dried flecks should work off your skin.

Acetone Wipes Explained

Acetone wipes from Speciality Wipes are available in both a dispensing tin or as a refill pouch and will remove many of the hazards that are associated with the traditional cloth and bulk liquid method of use.

Ideal for heavy industrial cleaning, our no-woven wipes are uniquely formulated, ultra-low lint, ultra-strong and high-tech.

They are used on all different types of metals as preparation for dirt-free joints prior to welding. In the aerospace industry, Acetone wipes are used commonly to clean stainless steel, titanium and other exotic metals plus clean weld preparation in the aerospace industry.

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