Preparing to Clean Your Aircraft

2:14pm 25/09/19

Degreasing is an essential part of maintenance, but before you get down to actually cleaning your aircraft you must prepare yourself for the task.
First, wash your hands and remove any jewellery, remember that gold ring on your hand could become an etching tool that can leave scratches and swirls on your plane.
Now it’s time to get your aviation-grade aerospace wipes from Speciality Wipes, that is abrasion resistant with a base material that’s extremely tough. For your efficiency, our composite wipes can be supplied in either buckets or tubs plus pouches that are easy to dispense.

Protecting Your Paintwork

Depending on the condition of your paintwork, you may need to look at removing any oxidation and stained paint that lies close to the paint layer’s surface. This can be a tricky process, so using composite wipes is the best way to maintain the protective coating of your aircraft.

Protect the Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Engine

Cleaning the engine of your aircraft requires discipline, especially for the vulnerable parts that are more susceptible to damage.
Aerospace wipes are ideal to use on hinges, bushings and bearings to remove oil from the outside of the crankcase or oil pan, just remember to be targeted with your wipes.

Unique Wiping Solutions from Speciality Wipes

Here at Speciality Wipes, we are proud to hold a number of industry credentials that show our competence in providing the finest wipes for a wide range of sectors.
We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, meaning all of our products and services meet industry and most importantly, our customers’ requirements.
Although we’ve mainly discussed aircraft wipes in this post, we also have wipes available to be used in the electrical, automotive and industrial markets.

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