Why Should I use NOVOC ® Wipes?

12:56pm 7/08/18

Here at Speciality Wipes, our NOVOC ® VOC free degreasing wipes are an innovative cleaning solution within the automotive industry.

Engineered products are our passion. Using cutting edge techniques, we’re able to create products that you’d never imagined possible.

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In fact, we’re a leading provider of industry leading products across the aerospace, automotive, industrial and electrical industries.

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NOVOC ® Wipes For Refinishing

Designed for both original equipment manufacturing and aftermarket refinishing, our NOVOC ® wipes are an innovative cleaning solution – especially when picked over a traditional solvent panel wipe.

Our NOVOC ® wipes are water basted and contain no volatile organic compounds. The uniquely formulated liquid is impregnated onto the strong, snag resistant fabric.

Volatile organic compounds have a high vapour pressure at room temperature, meaning that with them, your wipes would dry out due to the evaporation of moisture.

The wipes are available in the following formats:

  • Flat Sheet, Quarter Folded 40cm x 33.5cm, a pouch of 25 wipes.
  • Bucket of centre feed, 23cm x 25cm, 150 sheets.
  • Tub of 100 sheets, 20cm x 20cm

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