MEK Wipes for Safer Cleaning in the Aviation Industry

3:00pm 8/08/19

Methyl ethyl ketone, otherwise known as MEK, has been used for years within the aviation and automotive industries, due to its high efficiency and versatility.

Its versatility enables it to be used for surface coatings, adhesives, printing inks, chemical intermediates, magnetic tapes and lube oil dewaxing agents in addition to being a highly efficient decreasing agent.

MEK Wipes will continue to replace the existing wiping systems already in place within the industries and are designed to be used by the specialist, professional user.

Why are MEK Wipes Safer?

This solvent is relatively volatile, the handling it during use has been a cause for concern for a number of years – as well as the associated release of volatile organic compounds.

MEK, therefore, lends itself perfectly for use in a pre-saturated wipe.

By using MEK wipes, volatile organic compound emissions are reduced by around 40%, and the storage and handling of the product become much more manageable – as well as their in-use application.

We’ve even developed a unique dispensing system that is a UN-approved storage vessel for transport, and is available as a refill in the following base non-woven substrates:

  • DuPont Sontara style 9949; 68gsm ultra low lint spun lace
  •  DuPont Sontara style 9951; 51gsm ultra low lint spun lace
  •  Chicopee Veraclean AMS3819, BMF15-5F approved fabric

Speciality Wipes individually batch codes each dispenser to increase the traceability of our product, allowing the source materials and manufacturer to be tracked in accordance with AS9100 standards.

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