Your Guide to Using Surface Preparation Wipes

11:19am 19/09/20

Surface preparation wipes such as our isopropyl alcohol range combine a varying amount of de-ionised water for a number of cleaning applications.

If you are a first-time user of IPA wipes, Speciality Wipes have put together this handy guide for using our wipes effectively.

Recommended Surface Wiping Procedures

When cleaning in a controlled environment there are certain procedures to follow, such as –

  • Prior to entering the cleanroom, you will need to follow proper hand hygiene, garment donning and gloving procedures.
  • Disinfect and clean using a proper wiping technique
  • Quarter-fold your wipe to get the maximum use from it whilst preventing recontamination. Turn to a new wiper surface after each straight stroke
  • Always wipe using overlapping strokes, in a parallel direction. When cleaning a new surface always wipe from back to front i.e cleanest to dirtiest or driest to wettest
  • Remember, never wipe in a circular motion

Properly Folding Surface Preparation Wipes

Here is our five-step guide to properly folding and surface cleaning using IPA wipes –

  1. Hold the wipe mid-air, take it by the edges and fold in half. The wipe should not be placed on any surface during the folding action.
  2. Fold the wipe in half again, this creates four cleaning faces: two outside and two inside.
  3. Work from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest areas in long, overlapping unidirectional strokes. Each face of the wipe will be used for one straight stroke then turn it over and make a second stroke.
  4. Refold your cleaning wipe to enclose the two contaminated faces and expose the two clean faces, then repeat the previous step using the two clean faces.
  5. Your wipe may be completely unfolded, reversed, and refolded beginning with the first step which encloses the four contaminated daces and exposes the four remaining clean faces.

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