Go Electric with Aerospace Wipes

3:08pm 10/07/19

Aerospace wipes from Speciality Wipes are the most effective cleaning solutions for any kind of aircraft; even electric ones!
Our innovative range of aircraft wipes is used in manufacturing, maintenance and repair markets.

Electric Planes Set to Take the Skies

Recently a five-person 50-year-old aeroplane took flight in Los Angeles; after being retrofitted with an electric motor.
Still using a normal combustion engine to spin the propeller in its nose, the engineers replaced a second engine with the electric motor powering the propeller in the back of the plane.
Big names in aerospace alongside start-ups have started developing electric aircraft that can navigate autonomously and take off and land vertically.

Companies such as Uber Technologies even plan to launch their own electric transportation service with a vertical-take-off aircraft by 2023.
Other manufacturers believe that retrofitting more existing aeroplanes will help bring electric aviation to the skies even sooner; with some aiming for as early as 2021.

The Reliable Provider of Aerospace Wipes

No matter if your aircraft has a regular combustion engine or an electric one, they will still require a thorough clean after flights; this goes for the interior too!
Our range of interior wipes eliminate anything from moderate to heavy contaminations in the following areas:

• Tray Tables
• Basins
• Toilets
• Handles
• Galleys
• Bulkheads
• Armrests

Here at Speciality Wipes, we understand that safety is one of your top priorities when choosing the materials for your aviation-grade wipes.
The aerospace industry demands precision and attention to detail which is the reason why we have invested in the finest wipes on the market.
As an extra safeguarding procedure every product from Speciality Wipes is traceable back to its constituent component materials should problems occur.

Aerospace Wipes from Speciality Wipes

Speciality Wipes are the leading providers of the finest products for multiple applications within the aerospace, automotive, industrial and electrical sectors.
If you’d like to know more about our range of aircraft wipes please contact us today.