Get Your Vehicle Ready for Wrapping

3:52pm 2/09/19

Choosing the best wipes for surface preparation is the best way to guarantee your vehicle wrapping will look fantastic when complete.
Speciality Wipes supply, Surfex IPA Wipes, one of the best wipes on the market and specifically designed for vehicle wrapping preparation plus applications such as:

• Paint Surface preparation
• Panel de-greasing for metal, plastic and rubbers
• Adhesion promoter
• Electrofusion pipe welding
• Exotic metal and delicate parts cleaning
• Printed circuit board cleaning (PCB) and solder paste removal

Tips for Vehicle Wrapping Success

Here are some top tips to guarantee your vehicle wrapping is a success –

  • Get images of the vehicle prior to planning the design
  • Determine where all the joins will fall, using the natural lines of the vehicle whether horizontal or vertical and use door panels/weld lines to cover overlaps.
  • Give your vehicle a thorough wash with soap and water and allow 24 hours to dry and pay extra attention to door seals and wheel arches.
  • Degrease your vehicle using Surfex IPA Wipes as this could avoid warranties if not carried out correctly.
  • When wrapping solvent printed media allow a minimum of 48 hours to let out gas. Rolls should be left standing vertically and loosely wound to assist with airflow and turned regularly as the solvents are heavier than air. The more the vinyl is allowed to de-gas then the less tacky the adhesive feels plus the graphic will be easier to fit.
  • Only laminate with cold rollers and do not use excessive tension on the rollers.
  • Create a bass line by applying the vinyl to the flattest part of the panel and work from side to side, keeping the vinyl as level as possible. Now, stretch the vinyl without heat over the entire area and don’t work the film into more complicated areas such as recesses until later.
  • When stretching the vinyl always pull outwards from the biggest area of the vinyl as possible to spread the tension; this will also apply when using extra heat to soften and stretch the vinyl. By applying heat to a larger area than you need to should help avoid distorting the graphic.
  • Stick the electrical tape to the surface first when cutting through the vinyl on the bodywork or around handles and use a new blade every time you cut through the vinyl. The weight of the blade will be sufficient, without having to apply extra pressure.
  • Use an infra-red temperature gauge to ensure you post heat to 95ºC or above as anything less means the vinyl will retain its memory and cause the graphic to pop out of recesses and curves. This post-heating must be carried out on all areas where the wrap has been stretched to fit, especially in deep recesses. Remember overheating will damage the film.
  • If you are wrapping a vehicle in colder weather do not let it leave the workshop until the next day as the vinyl needs time to cool down at the same rate as the workshop. This helps to avoid thermal shock and reduces the risk of failure in the recesses.

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