Four Chemicals You Shouldn’t Use on Aircrafts

3:00pm 19/11/19

Whether you are looking for a quick clean up or to stock up on aircraft cleaning chemicals; there is plenty of variety to choose from.

Speciality Wipes use cutting edge techniques to create unique and industry-leading aircraft wipes. In our latest blog, we are going to share the four chemicals you should never use on an aircraft and tell you why.

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Although some products can be conveniently located at your local car garage, many of these choices won’t prove effective for cleaning an aircraft plus they will also cause damage.
Here are four chemicals to avoid using on your aircraft –

Ammonia-based window cleaners – Although perfect for household usage, ammonia-based window cleaners will damage your aircraft’s windscreen, causing micro-sized cracks on the surface. These cracks will become an eyesore plus they tend to badly obscure sightlines and cause visibility issues, such as refracting light in unpredictable ways and leave you needing a new windscreen.
Chlorine Bleach – Bleach is great for keeping a bathroom clean, but this can become a maintenance nightmare for aircraft toilets, causing damage to seals plus if mixed with your toilets ‘blue juice’ could fill your cabin with toxic fumes.
Dish Soaps – Removing the build-up of mess on an aircraft’s belly, is a job for our brand of aerospace composite wipes, that have been specially manufactured to remove greases and oils. Poor degreasers such as your regular dish soaps can leave behind filmy/soapy residues plus most carry anti-bacterial agents and sometimes perfumes; meaning they definitely aren’t suitable for aircraft cleaning.
Timber Care Products – Although a great way to shine fine woods, timber care products are not suitable as aircraft cleaners due to the dimethicone ‘film former’. This coupled with the preservatives found in many of these products leaves layers of wax that over time, will build up and trap dirt and oils, which if not removed can leave your aircraft’s paint with a hazy look.

The base material of Speciality Wipes’ brand of aircraft composite wipes is extremely tough and abrasion-resistant. Our products are also approved by both AMS3819 and BMF15-5F industry standards.

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