How Flights Could Change Post-COVID19

3:27pm 1/05/20

Although flights are still grounded, airlines have already started planning for travel again once the COVID-19 pandemic allows for safe flying.

Speciality Wipes have always understood the importance of aircraft cleaning, which is set to be intensified over the foreseeable future.

According to the latest industry statistics, international tourism arrivals could plummet by as much as 78% during 2020.

For our latest blog, we are going to explore two possible big changes that the Coronavirus could force upon airlines and passengers.

2 Ways Air Travel Could Adapt to Coronavirus

PPE Worn on Planes – Wearing protective clothing on aircraft is likely to become the norm, as airlines look to encourage passengers to feel safe whilst flying.
Airline companies are some of the worst-hit financially, with some asking for government support while others have declared bankruptcy. Social distancing in enclosed spaces such as a full aircraft would be impossible to maintain.
Some firms are also stepping up their cleaning of aircraft with even more thorough cleaning of cabins, galleys, trays and toilets. This can all be achieved using Speciality Wipes‘ brand of aircraft composite wipes, which are approved by a number of industry governing bodies.

A Korean airline has provided its cabin crews with protective gowns and goggles which can be disposed of post-flight or sanitised before reuse. This could again be taken up by a wide range of airline owners all over the world. Many countries are now recommending the use of face masks, which could also become a necessity for aeroplane passengers.

Sanitising At Airports – Some Asian airports have started testing full-body sanitising booths using spritz sanitiser on passengers for 40 seconds – only avoiding the face. This is currently being trialled, with no formal confirmation on whether these will be used on passengers in the future.
Other airports are already implementing social distancing measures while encouraging increased cleanliness. London’s Heathrow has added signage on all its terminals that reminds passengers to keep 2 metres away from others and wash their hands regularly. The use of electronic check-in and passport control could also be accelerated. This is another way airports are looking to avoid unnecessary interactions between people.

The Leaders in Aircraft Cleaning

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