Uncured epoxy presents a real challenge to remove across many industries from electronics to the construction industry. As the uses and applications for epoxy adhesive continue to rapidly increase, so too does the need to remove uncured, misplaced or mis-dispenesed adhesive. Further thought can be given to cleaning epoxy joints after bonding to remove over spill epoxy or the cleaning of application tools.

The unique impregnant of our specially formulated epoxy remover breaks down the epoxy into a solution on contact which is then retained within the wiping material.

To successfully remove uncured epoxy compounds the wipe not only has to mechanically remove the product from the surface but also put the epoxy into solution and retain it within the structure of the wipe. The product is offered in two base substrates for very different applications:

DuPont Sontara® style 9949 flat smooth white spunlace 69gsm

DuPont Sontara® style 9955 apertured blue spunlace 75gsm

Epoxy remover for a variety of applications

DuPont Sontara® style 9949 flat smooth white spunlace 69gsm

The Sontara®9949 works perfectly on smooth surfaces which are lightly contaminated, for example uncured Surface Mount Adhesives (SMA) widely used throughout the electronics industry. Find out more about the method of dispensing. In this instance, the closed structure of the Sontara® works perfectly to leave the surface of the printed circuit board contaminant free whilst still removing the epoxy from the surface of the board.

DuPont Sontara® style 9955 apertured blue spunlace 75gsm

By using a heavyweight apertured DuPont Sontara® 9955 we can attack larger deposits of uncured epoxy as would be used in the automotive or construction industries. The extra strong tear resistant fabric will not only stand the harshest of applications but has the weight to retain the epoxy within its own structure.


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As manufacturing techniques evolve and become more complex the challenge of removing and finishing epoxy adhesives becomes far more commonplace. For more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team today. You can also download out MSDS sheets and product specifications below:

Download the Epoxy Remover MSDS

Download TDS Sontara®9955

Download TDS Sontara®9949