Enhanced Aircraft Cleaning Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

2:39pm 3/03/20

Some of the world’s biggest aircraft providers, such as Emirates are taking extra to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus with enhanced aircraft cleaning.

On all the aircraft departing from their hub in Dubai, Emirates has implemented enhanced cleaning and complete disinfection of all cabins as a precaution.
The latest medical research has discovered that the COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted by touch, with a greater focus now on surface cleaning.

Aircraft Wipes for Increased Protection

Speciality Wipes are the leading provider of custom aerospace wipes that can be used in the following areas of aircraft –

• Galleys
• Toilets
• Cabins
• Tray

How Coronavirus Has Changed Aircraft Cleaning

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the improved cleaning process includes a thorough wipe down of all surfaces, including windows, tray tables, seatback screens, armrests, seats, in-seat controls, panels, air vents, overhead lockers in the cabin, to toilets, galleys plus crew rest areas.

This will all be undertaken in addition to other normal procedures such as changing headrest covers on every seat, replacing reading materials, vacuuming and all other aircraft cleaning methods.
This task can be completed by cleaning staff within an hour as they prepare for their next flight, and for example, includes 18 trained cleaners for a Boeing 777 and 36 for an A380 model. During a 24 hour period, around 248 aircraft will go through this process.

For aircraft that were found to have transported a suspected or confirmed coronavirus case, some airlines would implement deep cleaning and disinfection that could take between six to eight hours to complete.
This will include the defogging of cabin interiors and misting using disinfectant across all soft furnishing, plus replacement seat covers and cushions in an affected area. The HEPA cabin air filters for the aircraft will also need to be replaced.

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All of our range of cleaning wipes are approved by Boeing D6-7127 Revision M standards which means they are continually tested on different surfaces for safety purposes. They are also tested to AMS1550B specifications that refer to a water-base cleaner in the form of a concentrated liquid.