Is Air Travel Set to Go Electric?

3:41pm 1/11/19

With electric cars becoming more visible on roads, how far are we from having electric aircraft in the sky?

In 2018, 84 flights took off worldwide every minute with more than 4 billion journeys made by plane. While fuel-efficient per passenger-kilometre is around 80% better than 50 years ago, air traffic continues to grow; with many preferring its convenience.

Environmental implications, such as lowering carbon emissions is driving airlines to make the switch to electric plus there is the added factor of cost.
No matter when the transition begins to electric aircraft, Speciality Wipes stands ready to provide surface wipes for exteriors plus interior wipes for various compartments.

Aircraft Cleaning Made Easy with Speciality Wipes

Research in 2018 also revealed that headrests and seatback trays are the dirtiest areas of the interior of an aircraft with 2155 CFU (Colony-Forming Unit) per square inch. CFU is a unit used to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells.
Speciality Wipes’ range of specifically designed aircraft cleaning wipes will eliminate any germs and bacteria from seatback trays and other areas on the first clean!
Here are some of the other areas our aircraft interior wipes can be used:

• Galleys – This can include the workbench of the galley, food cart, coffee shelves, storage cupboards and cleaning the floor surface
• Toilets – Interior wipes can be used to clean the toilet bowl and seat, the basin, faucets and surfaces, mirror, change table, wall surfaces and door handles
• Cabins – Cleaning crews will need to ensure bulkheads, drop-down tables and armrests are in the best condition; ready for the next flight

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Speciality Wipes also provide surface wipes for a number of different sectors, including automotive, industrial and electric markets.