Effective Panel Wiping with Automotive Wipes

12:02pm 17/02/20

Speciality Wipes’ range of automotive wipes is specifically designed to use for panel wiping on vehicles.
Panel wiping products are manufactured to remove polish residue in order to prepare the surface for protection which often means it has to remove oils and silicones.

Our automotive wipes are required to prepare the surface for another product.

Panel Wipes Explained

When you want to apply a wax, sealant or coating to a surface there may be some polish left on the surface which can prevent some products from adhering properly.
This means that the durability and stability of the product are negatively affected, and the sealant will last a few weeks instead of a few months. For coatings, this is really important and can make the difference between 12 months of protection or 2 months of protection.

Our panel wipes are water-based, which means they work with certain polymers that mimic the effect of a solvent, giving the same effect using different ingredients.
Here are some examples of surface imperfections that automotive wipes can help with –

• Scratches
• Random deep scratch
• Water spots
• Chemical etching
• Bird droppings
• Swirls
• Paint defects
• Holograms

Two Decades of Tailor-Made Products

Speciality Wipes have over 20 years of experience providing tailored wipes for various industries such as the automotive, aerospace, industrial and electrical sectors.

Some of the other applications our automotive wipes can be used for including:

• Ultra-violet trace evident panel wiping
• Anti-static cleaning
• Epoxy adhesive preparation and removal
• Spray visor cleaning
• Sealant removal
• Super-hydrophobic coatings
• Visor and anti-fogging products

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