How COVID-19 Is Changing Air Travel

4:22pm 10/03/20

Despite the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, airlines are being advised to carry on with their routine operating procedures for aircraft cleaning.

The Centre of Disease Control, in the US, has recently updated its recommendations stating that cleaning staff wear personal protective equipment such as disposable gloves and gowns if symptomatic passengers are identified.

Airlines need to clean any soft surfaces (such as cloth seats and seat belts) within six feet of anyone suspected of having Coronavirus.

Reporting of Sick Passengers

Airlines should disinfect hard surfaces within six feet of an ill passenger, which includes seats and seatbacks, tray tables, seat belt latches, light and air controls, crew call buttons, overhead compartment handles, walls, bulkheads, windows, shades and video monitors.
They are also required to clean bathrooms used by symptomatic passengers and dispose of any items which cannot be cleaned, such as pillows.

Different Types of Aircraft Cleaning

A ‘Turn Clean’ process is usually applied for short flights, with either a Remain Overnight (RON) or a Deep Clean required when a plane is grounded for its routine overhaul.
These methods may also be extended due to the coronavirus outbreak, with airlines needing more time to clean different areas of the plane.

Here at Speciality Wipes, we have developed highly effective technology which makes our aircraft cleaning wipes the most efficient and effective they can be. We understand that airlines need to achieve the highest standard of cleanliness to keep crew and passengers safe and healthy.

We have manufactured our interior wipes to be used for moderate to heavy contamination on various polycarbonate surfaces such as cabin walls, seat backs and luggage bins.
Our product is offered in standard large buckets for maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) or smaller handy packs ideal for in-flight cleaning which requires portable wipes.

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