Coronavirus Outbreak Makes Aircraft Cleaning Crucial

10:41am 10/02/20

As more cases of the Coronavirus are reported across parts of Europe (including the UK), thorough aircraft cleaning has become more important than ever.

Speciality Wipes are the leading suppliers of exterior and interior aircraft wipes that will maintain the quality of your flights and keep your passengers healthy and germ-free.

For our latest blog, we are going to look at the most common areas where germs can spread (in the wake of the coronavirus) and how our wipes will help to get rid of them.

Identifying Areas That Need Cleaning

Upper respiratory infections such as colds and the flu are the most common illnesses that passengers might be exposed to while on a flight. Other airborne diseases such as measles, chickenpox and tuberculosis are rare – but have been reported cases of each when a passenger has infected another during a flight.

There are several factors associated with air travel that make you more susceptible to upper respiratory infections.

Here are a few tips to help reduce the risks –

  • You can avoid aisle seats, as more people will pass you during your flight
  • Avoid window seats during winter as they might be colder and have more recycled airflow, which leads to a higher infection rate.
  • Keep your air conditioning nozzle on a low setting.
  • Aircrafts using Speciality Wipes’ interior aircraft wipes will also cleanse your armrests and tray tables, amongst other areas before you take off and once you land.
  • Keep your hands clean by using hand sanitiser or disinfecting wipes

Speciality Wipes’ aircraft wipes have been approved by Boeing D6-7127 Revision M Standards meaning they have been tested on different surfaces for safety purposes. The wipes have also been tested to AMS1550B specifications which refer to a water-based cleaner in a concentrated liquid form.

Keep Aircrafts Clean with Speciality Wipes

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