Everything You Need to Know About Surface Preparation

2:57pm 10/04/20

Surface preparation is the process of treating the surface of a substance to increase its adhesion to coatings. Quality surface preparation is the single most important function that influences coating performance, which can be done mechanically or chemically.

Here at Speciality Wipes, we are one of the market leaders in providing wiping solutions for a wide range of markets including aerospace, industrial, electrical and automotive clients.

For our latest blog, we are going to deep dive into surface preparation and why it is so important.

What materials require surface preparation?

Speciality Wipes range of cleaning wipes can be used on a number of material surfaces including –


Why is Surface Preparation Important?

Surface preparation prevents bond flair and is the foundation of any coating or flooring system. The purpose of this process is to create a surface profile which promotes mechanical adhesion by removing all contaminants.

Are Grit Blasting and Surface Preparation the Same Thing?

Abrasive grit blasting is a surface treatment whereby abrasive particles are fired through a nozzle using compressed air.

Surface preparation, as previously mentioned, can be similar to grit blasting but instead, you can use specifically designed wipes to ensure a surface is ready for tasks such as a new coat of paint (very popular in the automotive market) or cleaning of delicate engine areas of aircraft or other vehicles.

What Can Composite Wipes Remove from Surfaces?

The process of surface preparation is used for clearing a surface of any of the following –

  • Pre-existing coatings
  • Surface imperfections
  • Residue
  • Organic matter
  • Oxidation
  • Other contaminants

Speciality Wipes – Your Supplier of Composite Wipes

Speciality Wipes composite wipes are designed specifically for the removal of various grease and oils on metals and composite surfaces – making them ideal for surface preparation.

The base material for these wipes is extremely tough and abrasion-resistant, and are available in AMS3819 and BMF15-5F and non-approved base materials.

If you would like to know more about our range of products, please get in touch now.