Test Your Compliance and Cleaning Standards in 2020

11:43am 10/01/20

For the start of 2020, aircraft owners and being urged to test their equipment and cleaning standards, after the ADS-B Out mandate came into effect.
Here at Speciality Wipes, we understand the importance of being compliant to industry regulations plus the need to keep your engines and interiors as clean as possible.

New Year, New Regulations

The compliance was rolled out on 1st January 2020 and is especially important for manufacturers who were equipped with ADS-B before 2015, according to officials with Duncan Aviation.
If you upgraded to ADS-B prior to 2015, it is likely the transponders were manufactured to the DO-260/260A standard, which was an earlier requirement for flying in Australia and other destinations around the world.

Having said this, the version the FAA adopted for the flying in United States airspace is DO-260B, which was adopted because it eliminates latency and adds annunciation requirements. This standard was later accepted as a worldwide standard by all civil air authorities.

Engineered Products for the Aerospace Sector

Speciality Wipes offer innovative aerospace wipes for aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and repair markets. Our ability to work closely with key suppliers means we can manufacture bespoke products which meet industry standards whilst being suitable for use on both the inside and outside of an aircraft.

Aviation Grade Wipes are at the heart of what we do, and our manufacturing expertise and knowledge of the aviation industry that means you can be confident in the results they produce.
The aerospace industry demands precision and attention to detail which is why we are investing in delivering products that fulfil these demands.

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