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surface preparation wipes

Your Guide to Using Surface Preparation Wipes

Surface preparation wipes such as our isopropyl alcohol range combine […]

vehicle wrapping - surfex ipa wipes

8 Areas You Can’t Clean with IPA Wipes

Here at Speciality Wipes, we understand the importance of surface […]

antibacterial alcohol wipes

What is the best use of Antibacterial Wipes?

Speciality Wipes has recently branched out to provide 70% alcohol […]

Surfex® IPA Wipes

What Applications Can I Use IPA Wipes For?

Pre-saturated IPA Wipes from Speciality Wipes are a convenient and […]

Acetone Wipes - removing silicone

What Can I Use Acetone Wipes For?

Acetone is fast becoming a more important solvent, this is […]

MEK Wipes

How To Remove PU Foam with MEK Wipes

For those who are using PU and expanding foam and […]

IPA Surfex Wipes - Speciality Wipes

Enhance Your Business With Alcohol Wipes

Achieving the best cleaning results in businesses can only be […]

antibacterial alcohol wipes

Using Alcohol Antibacterial Wipes in Hospital Settings

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Speciality Wipes have started supplying alcohol […]

antibacterial wipes

Surfaces You Shouldn’t Use Anti-Bacterial Wipes On

Speciality Wipes have recently introduced a selection of alcohol anti-bacterial […]

Acetone Wipes - removing silicone

Removing Silicone Using Acetone Wipes

Silicone caulk is a great tool for home improvement projects […]

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