Case Studies

Here you will find some real-life case studies that we have been involved with during the last few exciting years. This is just a snapshot of the work that we carry out and the projects that we are currently engaged with.

Developing innovative, new products can be challenging and it can sometimes take several attempts to perfect the ultimate solution. Our tenacious and resilient attitude means that we always see a project through to completion and ensure that our clients are satisfied. Innovation doesn’t come easy, but through our dedication and expertise, we can harness cutting edge technologies to provide tailor made, effective solutions for your business.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of any bespoke manufacturer and we take it very seriously by protecting our clients’ interests vociferously. Your secret is safe with us.

Aerospace Wipes Case Study

Aircraft MRO

Our brief was to produce aerospace wipes that could be approved by the OEM and also the aircraft MRO market. To achieve that we used our extensive network of specialist suppliers to procure base substrate material that already conformed to AMS3819 and BM15-5F standards. We then procured a cleaning solvent that also met the same material standards. By combining the two we achieved the necessary accreditation to sell both into the OEM and aircraft MRO market, easily exceeding the required specification. Additionally thanks to some innovative packaging ideas, we were able to provide the customer with a waste product that they are actually able to sell after use! A real win-win.

Industrial Wipes Case Study

Industrial Wipes

Our customer required the removal of uncured silicone and general manufacturing debris from an extremely delicate composite substrate. The current method of cleaning used a system of pre-saturated wipes but for several reasons the client was unhappy with the performance of the product in use.

We were supplied with sample substrates and developed a wiping system that not only surpassed their current method of cleaning but also saved the client over 30% on the purchase price of the materials. Additionally, the product supplied was bio-degradable and offering a refill option made a significant saving on both transport and storage considerations. This client has remained a customer for several years and we have further improved the product in conjunction with the customer.

“Adamtech are an excellent supplier to deal with always offering great service and price and never compromising on quality. Our requirements were a specialist wipe that needed to meet specific measures which Adamtech was able to achieve.”

Automotive Case Study

Automotive Wipes

Health and safety considerations and VOC reduction. Two difficult nuts to crack. We were tasked with them both at a major UK car plant.

Rolling up our sleeves, the team set to work not only to produce a pre-saturated wipe to replace the current cloth-and-liquid traditional method, but also to reduce the storage, transport and distribution costs. We achieved all our set objectives, and in fact exceeded the customers’ expectations – so far they are currently rolling the product out to other plants within the group.

A real success story for us.

Electronics Case Study


We were tasked with resolving a health and safety issue with a bulk fluid cleaning process.

By changing the chemistry we not only resolved the health and safety issues but also produced a range of pre-sat wipes to compliment the new chemistry.

These products have been our consistent best-seller in the electrical sector for the last ten years, showing that this innovative approach has had a lasting effect on our business.