Avoid Skin Diseases With Industrial Cleaning Wipes

3:18pm 1/04/20

On a daily basis tradespeople, service teams and contractors deal with a wide range of building and construction materials on their jobs.

In addition to keeping their work area clean, there is a need to keep themselves clear of germs and skin conditions – which is why many use industrial cleaning wipes.

They could be working with fix and repair products such as silicone sealants, paints, adhesives and general dirt which can be difficult to remove.

Here at Speciality Wipes, we understand the importance of protecting your workforce from potential skin conditions and diseases. For our latest blog, we are going to look at the types of skin diseases you can avoid by using industrial cleaning wipes.

Dermatitis and other Skin Diseases

The skin is the body’s largest organ and is its protective barrier, with industrial wipes helping to solve health and safety issues for tradespeople. The quick removal of irritants is essential as skin disease on your hands can be debilitating and will have serious implications when trying to keep on working.

If a harmful substance accumulates on your skin, the barrier can be broken which leads to sore and inflamed hands, with the potential to cause long-term health problems.

Skin Condition

Common signs of skin problems on hands could be dryness, redness, cracking or swelling of the hands and fingers plus blisters, flaking and itching. Workers can develop these symptoms if they come in direct contact with substances regularly used on-site. If you are immersing your hands in liquids, or they are being splashed regularly then your hands can suffer. Contact with contaminated tools or surfaces could lead to harmful substances landing on the skin, which causes a problem.

The APC Approach with Industrial Cleaning Wipes

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises workers to use the APC approach to look after their hands; standing for avoid, protect and check.

Avoid – Try to avoid direct contact between unprotected hands and substances, products and wet work where sensible and practical.

Protect – If avoiding harmful substances is not possible in your job, gloves are the best option if feasible for your line of work. For those times when gloves cannot be used, clean the surface with industrial cleaning wipes to remove any harmful residues.

Check – Continuously checking your hands for signs of red, dry or itchy skin is advisable. Anyone concerned they may have a skin problem should visit their GP for advice and treatment, if required.

Surface Cleaning with Industrial Wipes

Industrial wipes from Speciality Wipes are the solution for on-site surface cleaning and will ensure the removal of paint, varnishes, adhesives, oil, sealants and general grime from tools and surfaces. If removed from your tools, your hands will be less likely to come into contact with harmful and contaminated surfaces.

Effective Cleaning with Speciality Wipes

If you are looking for industrial cleaning wipes, look no further than Speciality Wipes.

We have been providing effective cleaning wipes across a number of different sectors for over 20 years, including aerospace, electrical and automotive clients.

Get in touch now for more information.