Speciality Wipes is delighted to have obtained the AS9100revD certification which states our company design, manufacture and supply wet and dry wipes plus bulk chemicals, supported by the outsourcing of blended chemicals.

What is AS9100REVD Certification?

AS9100D is a company level certification that is based on a standard published by the Society of Automotive Engineers titled ‘Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organisations.

The certification is for organisations doing business in the aerospace industry such as manufacturers, contractors and suppliers. New requirements emphasise the prevention of risk and counterfeit parts, which provides a structure that enables businesses to adapt to change, planning for obsolescence and addressing any product safety concerns. The requirements in this standard are not alternative to customer/applicable statutory or regulatory requirements. For cases of conflict, the customer/applicable statutory or regulatory requirements will take priority.

The certification is issued by third-party certifying bodies. Organisations will maintain the certification by having annual or regularly scheduled audits where their compliance is evaluated by the certifying body.

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