Speciality Wipes Applications

Whatever your industry, whatever the requirement, we will have the solution for you. We have a huge range of innovative wiping products, designed to meet the requirements of the automotive, aerospace, electronic and industrial industries. But, if we don’t have a solution already – we’ll develop one for you. We excel at producing innovative wiping solutions, which meet even the most demanding of specifications. Among other benefits, our wiping solutions give you complete control of the cleaning process and ensure no cross-contamination between products.

Say goodbye to standard wipes that fall short of your needs and give us the opportunity to engineer a product which meets your exact requirements.

Why use a pre-saturated wipe?

Let’s consider the advantages:

  • Significant reduction in emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
  • Removal of bulk liquid containers from the work area.
  • No chance of cross-contamination from one product to another.
  • Complete control over the cleaning process.
  • The storage, transport and handling considerations of solvent impregnated wipes have a huge impact on health and safety when compared with traditional liquid-and-cloth processes.
  • Traceability of the products back to the source.
  • Tamper evident means no chance of contamination within your production environment.
  • Portable and convenient, making it ideal for field operatives.

Why wouldn’t you use a pre-saturated wipe?

  • Cost.  The old argument.  We can demonstrate that pre-sat wipes can actually reduce costs when considering the cost of handling and storage
  • ‘I’ve never used them so therefore I won’t ever use them.’
  • ‘I’m not travelling with a flammable pack of wipes in the boot of my car!’  Good argument; except when one considers the 50 litres of highly flammable fuel that is in the fuel tank.

There are no other reasons why you wouldn’t use a pre-sat wipe.