AMS3819 Specifications Explained

1:57pm 20/04/20

AMS3819 specifications relate to the quality of both woven and non-woven absorbent material dry cloths or composite wipes used for cleaning process applications.

Speciality Wipes are delighted to provide the finest quality of aerospace wipes that meet these industry-specific standards.

For our latest blog, we are going to look AMS3819 in greater detail.

Achieving Effective Cleaning Applications

Our aircraft wipes have been used for the cleaning of smooth, textured, metallic and non-metallic surfaces as a preparation method for processing operations. These surfaces are extremely sensitive to residual surface contamination, but they can be used for more applications too. This is why Speciality Wipes’ range of wipes are used across aerospace, industrial, electrical and automotive sectors.

These wipes, however, are not intended for use on transparencies.

Classifications Based On Application

Cloths that are covered by this specification are classified as the following –

  • Class 1 – Virgin Cloth which is composed of 100% cotton fibres, with or without added binders
  • Class 2 – Virgin Cloth composed of 100% synthetic or blended synthetic, cotton or cellulose materials, with or without added binders. These cloths remain stable up to 204°C
  • Class 3 – Empty classification, also known as pre-saturated cloths
  • Class 4 – 100% polyester knit without binders

Grade A – For use in cleaning operations where exceptionally low residual surface contaminations level are needed.
Grade B – Grade B is used in cleaning operations where low residual surface contamination levels are required

The Different Forms of Cleaning Product

Form 1 is dry cloths such as individual wipes or rolls.

Form 2 is cloths that contain a pre-saturated wiping (such as our composite wipes), with binders, surfactants or other chemical treatments not included. Solvents that are used in the presaturation process need to be designated and approved by the purchaser.

The purchase should ensure that solvent and cloth used in pre-saturated wiping system are adequate and compatible with their desired cleaning application.

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