Commercial aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) is an essential requirement to ensure your aircraft is maintained in pre-determined conditions of airworthiness to safely fly passengers and cargo.
In Europe, aircraft maintenance personnel must comply with Part 66 Licence, Certifying Staff which is issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This regulation is established through four levels or authorisation:

Level 1: General Familiarisation, Unlicensed
Level 2: Ramp and Transit, Category A can only certify own work performed for tasks which he/she has received documented training
Level 3: Line Certifying Staff and Base Maintenance Supporting Staff, Category B1 (electromechanics) and/or B2(Avionics) can certify all work performed on an aircraft/engine for which he/she is type rated excluding base maintenance (generally up to and including A-Check)
Level 4: Base Maintenance Certifying Staff, Category C can certify all work performed on an aircraft/engine for which he/she is type rated, but only if it is base maintenance (additional level-3 staff necessary) this authorization does not automatically include any level 2 or level 3 license.

As aircraft get older, a greater percentage of its value is represented by its engines. Over the course of the engine’s life, it’s possible to put value back in by repair and overhaul. Remember that a flaw in the jet would cause threats to the lives of passengers on-board.

Aircraft MRO

Who Is Responsible for Aircraft MRO?

The owner is not permitted to let anyone fly the aircraft unless it is maintained in accordance with airworthiness limitations applicable to the type of aircraft design. It also applies when the aircraft has undergone maintenance plus being maintained in accordance with a maintenance schedule conforming to the Aircraft Equipment and Maintenance Standards.

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