Cleaning in the Aviation Industry Explained

1:49pm 17/03/20

Ensuring aircraft are as clean as possible, inside and out, between flights is one of the best ways for airlines to keep their customers happy and their planes in the sky.

Speciality Wipes are the leading providers of aircraft degrease products and industry-specific wipes that are AMS3819 and BMF15-5F approved.

For our latest blog, we are going to talk you through some of the specifics of aircraft cleaning and explain why standards are so high.

Not all cleaning and maintenance tasks are straightforward, like ensuring you use the correct solvent or aircraft degreaser to clean soiled parts. Unlike cleaning your house, one multi-purpose cleaner simply won’t be enough which is why the global industrial cleaning market is worth an estimated $50 billion in 2020.

Aircraft Cleaning According to the World Health Organisation

Aircraft cleaning is much more complex than some give credit for, which is also one of the reasons the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a book entitled ‘A Guide to Hygiene and Sanitation in Aviation.’

In this book they state,

“Cleaning and disinfection on aircraft require special attention, as it is necessary to use agents that are not corrosive or otherwise detrimental to aircraft components. For this reason, not all effective cleaning disinfecting agents can be used in the aircraft cabin.”

The aviation industry demands take two forms, consisting of regulations and manufacturers specifications for products that will work safely with their aircraft. Maintenance Engineers need to consider both of these demands when choosing the cleaning agent and their cleaning equipment.

Two regulations are particularly relevant, EU 1321/2014, looking at the airworthiness of aircraft and EC 216/2008 which brings together common rules of civil aviation.

These rules state that when aircraft and their parts are cleaned,

“The maintenance programme must contain maintenance tasks and intervals, especially those that have been specified as mandatory in the instructions for continuing airworthiness and that the aircraft must not be operated unless it is released to service by qualified persons or organisations.”

Using Aircraft Degreaser from Speciality Wipes

Speciality Wipes have manufactured a specifically designed aircraft degreaser which adheres to Government regulations, allowing the safe removal of oily wastewater from wash bays making it the only choice for aerospace cleaning tasks.

If you would like to know more about our degrease or aircraft wipes, please contact us today.