Five Essential Aircraft Cleaning Tips in Winter

10:09am 2/12/19

It’s that time of year to brush off the hangar dust and get your aircraft into great shape ahead of a busy Christmas schedule.
Speciality Wipes are the experts in exterior and interior aircraft cleaning, with the finest products on the market to deal with builds up of dirt and grime.

Shine Again with Aircraft Cleaning

In our latest blog, we are going to share our essential winter cleaning tips.

1. Wash It Off – Whether your plane will be hibernating over the winter or dancing around the globe, the first step is to wash off whatever has accumulated on it. Fluid can accumulate in flap channels and landing gear areas. Removing this build-up will spare you from having to deal with them after they’ve started baking into your aircraft’s paint.
2. Go Deep – Washing your aircraft from top to bottom provides a great opportunity to get into little-noticed areas which will benefit from some attention. These include seatback pockets, galley drawers and gear well areas. Unless you are trained on cleaning the gear well area, we would recommend using a professional cleaning company to take care of the job.
3. Let it Shine! – If your aircraft is equipped with metals that can be polished, such as inlets, spinner heads and leading edges, this is a great time to shine them up. Doing this earlier in the winter season will lessen the impact going into the New Year.
4. Throw It Out – Now that your aircraft is ready for spring, one of the last steps is to clean out your aircraft’s storage areas; paying extra attention to expired products and chemicals. If you are a fleet operator or have dozens of chemicals for your aircraft, this is a great time to check you have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for every product.
5. Cover It Up – Your aircraft has now been washed, cleaned, organised and debugged, it’s now time to get protection from the sun. Just like when you are sunbathing on the beach, your aircraft’s paint needs protection from extended daylight hours and a constant barrage of UV rays that characterise winter-time. The best way to achieve this is to use a paint sealant, which thanks to their chemical properties provides long-duration protection and can restore a glossy finish to faded or ‘chalked’ paint. Additionally, paint sealants don’t require reapplication every couple of months like many waxes, while still contributing to the plane’s aerodynamics.

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