How Airline Staff Keep Planes Clean

11:14am 9/12/19

If you are one of the millions of Brits who take flight from our shores each year, you may barely notice the crew of cleaning workers who hurry onto the airliner after your flight. This ensures the cabin is ready for the next group of passengers who will soon be boarding.

Speciality Wipes offer the finest quality of aerospace interior cleaning wipes that are used by these teams on moderate to heavy contamination on different polycarbonate surfaces such as cabin walls, seat backs and luggage bins. Our product in a large standard bucket for Maintenance Repair and Operation (MRO) or in smaller handy packs for portable use.
Cleaning airliners is a crucial part of air travel, ensuring passengers’ health by cleaning dirty surfaces that may harbour germs that could make people ill.

Three Types of Aircraft Cleaning

Turn Clean – This is designed to accommodate an aircraft that will ‘turn’ and leave the airport again quickly. These cleans are generally light cleans that focus on galley areas, toilet cleanliness and rubbish removal from cabin and passenger areas. Speciality Wipes’ aircraft wipes are designed for ultra-high performance and are ideal for the type of clean.
Overnight Clean – Overnight cleaning is performed on an aircraft that have flown all of their routes for the day and will remain overnight (between 8 and 10 hours). This enhanced clean gives a larger focus on the customer areas in and around seats, whilst continuing with cleaning the galley and toilets.
Deep Clean – A deep clean focuses on seat areas and many surfaces that are removed to expose the inner workings of the seat, compartments, cabinets and storage areas. Some airlines will use specialised equipment that can assist with a deep clean.
Depending on the clean type and the airline’s specifications, it may take between five and 12 people to clean the interior of an aircraft, moving through the plane in a systematic fashion.

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