Aircraft Cleaning Solutions from Speciality Wipes

10:00am 31/05/18

Aircraft cleaning can be a highly important part of operating commercial planes and helicopters, with hygiene potentially being overlooked or not able to be completed to high standards when the turnaround times are fast. Regardless of the type of flight that you’re undertaking, most aircrafts provide the perfect environment for bacteria to cling to and spread illnesses.

With differing types of flights, come differing types of aircraft cleaning methods too. There’s a “Turn Clean” between shorter flights, “Remain Overnight Cleans” for when the aircraft will be staying where it is until the morning, and “Deep Cleans” for when the aircraft is grounded for a routine overhaul.

Confidence in Cleanliness with our Aircraft Cleaning

At Speciality Wipes, we help airlines achieve high standards of cleanliness with our wipes for cleaning. Our wipes can help crews during their cleaning process and in-flight, as well as helping them ensure that they are keeping themselves and passengers healthy.

Our aircraft interior wipes for aircraft cleaning are able to be used on contamination levels ranging from moderate to heavy. They can be used on a multitude of surfaces, including the cabin walls, luggage bins, the back of seats – including the foldable table – and arm rests, as well as much more.

Our aircraft cleaning wipes are available in a standard large bucket, or in a smaller handy pack – allowing for more flexibility with a more portable product, making in-flight cleaning as easy as it can be.

Contact us for our Aircraft Cleaning Solutions

If you’re looking to improve your aircraft cleaning process, then you’re in the right place. Our wipes are designed to fit seamlessly into your cleaning process.

To find out more information, or to even get a quote, please contact our helpful team today who will be happy to help you take your enquiry further.