Interior Wipes for Aircraft Cleaning

Aircraft cleaning is an essential task when operating all different kinds of planes and helicopters. When flying for commercial purposes, keeping the cabin and toilet compartments clean will only enhance your passengers’ flight experience and stop the spread of infections. Whether you fly business class, first-class or economy, each flight has the potential to carry a number of invisible stowaways in the form of germs and bacteria. Planes are crowded modes of transport with super-fast turnaround times and their interior surfaces are the most common location for the transfer of microbes and bacteria.

An industry study in 2018 revealed that headrests and seatback trays are the dirtiest places on a plane with 2155 CFU (Colony-Forming Unit) per square inch. CFU is a unit used to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells.  Using our range of specifically designed wipes you will eliminate any germs and bacteria from seatback trays and other areas on the first clean!

Aircraft Cleaning Interior WipesInterior Wipes for Aircraft Cleaning

Aircraft Cleaning Wipes for Short and Long Haul Flights

Aircraft cleaning teams operate on a very strict time structure. This can be either a ‘Turn Clean’ between short flights, a Remain Overnight (RON) or a Deep Clean when the plane is grounded for a routine overhaul.
Speciality Wipes has developed highly effective cleaning technology for our aircraft cleaning wipes that make the task as efficient as possible. We help airlines achieve high standards of cleanliness to keep crew and passengers safe and healthy. Our aircraft interiors wipes are designed to be used for moderate to heavy contamination on different polycarbonate surfaces including cabin walls, seat backs and luggage bins. We offer our product in a standard large bucket for MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operation) or in a smaller handy pack for in-flight aircraft cleaning which requires the wipes to be more portable.

Where Can I Use Aircraft Cleaning Wipes?

Galleys – Cleaning galleys involves tidying up the workbench of the galley, food cart, storage cupboards, coffee shelves and cleaning the floor surface.

Toilets -There are many different areas of aircraft toilet compartments that require cleaning with composite wipes; such as the toilet bowl and seat, the basin, faucets and surfaces, mirror, change table plus the wall surfaces and interior and exterior door handles.

Cabins – Cleaning crews will ensure bulkheads, drop-down tables and armrests are in exemplary condition between flights. These can often be the dirtiest parts of the cabin with passengers eating and drinking during the flights and potentially leaving particles of dirt and food behind once the plane has landed.

Trays – Trays are another area that needs regular cleaning between flights for hygiene purposes with our range of aircraft cleaning wipes the only product for the best results!

All of our aircraft wipes have been approved by Boeing D6-7127 Revision M standards meaning they have been tested on various surfaces for safety purposes. They have also been tested to AMS1550B specifications refer to a water-base cleaner in the form of a concentrated liquid.

The product is available in both an AMS3819, BMF15-5F approved Veraclean® fabric or alternatively in our standard ultra-high performance apertured base fabric.

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Get in touch with Speciality Wipes if you’re looking for products made specifically for aircraft cleaning processes. We design aircraft wipes that will fit seamlessly into your established cleaning task. Our attention to detail ensures that nothing is overlooked when it comes to aircraft cleaning!