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11:51am 22/01/20

Keeping your aircraft’s clean inside and out has never become more important with the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in China.

Here at Speciality Wipes, we offer the finest quality of aerospace wipes to clean many different areas of your aircraft’s interior, including –

• Galleys
• Toilets
• Cabins
• Trays

The Coronavirus Explained

The main area for the virus outbreak is the city of Wuhan, which has 8.9 million people living inside it. With 440 cases already confirmed, it has already been revealed to have spread to US, Thailand and South Korea.
Although a smaller Chinese city, Wuhan has ties internationally with it hosting an airport that handles tens of millions of passengers each year. The city has considerable economic clout too with nearly half of the world’s 500 biggest companies investing in Wuhan.

A screening process is planned for passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport in the UK from Wuhan, to identify if they have contracted the coronavirus.
Chinese Health Officials have also stated the disease is transmitted through the respiratory tract, with coughs and sneezes the most likely ways for it to spread. This is another reason why aircraft need to be cleaned thoroughly when they land, to stop the spread of harmful diseases.

The Finest Aerospace Wipes on the Market

Our brand of aircraft wipes has been approved by Boeing D6-7127 Revision M standards which means they have been tested on various surfaces for safety purposes.
Customer retention is vital to us which is why we pride ourselves on creating strong relationships with our clients through excellent customer service.

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