How are Aerospace Wipes tailored for the Industry?

12:50pm 20/07/18

Aerospace Wipes are one of the many products that we at Speciality Wipes that we create.

We specialise in specialist wipes for specialist industries, and over many years of technical enquiries we’ve managed to develop a wide selection of wiping solutions for the automotive, aerospace and industrial industries. Some of our products even cross over several industries.

Our solutions are bespoke and innovative – specifically developed for your process.

We’re able to create wipes for a number of wiping applications, such as deep cleaning, surface preparation, degreasing, surface modifying and more.

Aerospace Wipes Tailored for Complex Situations

The world of aviation involves precision and skill across all areas to ensure that the aircraft meets the operational standards required for flight.

The complex nature of aircraft construction and maintenance means that our aerospace wipes are adapted to remove various greases and oils from both metal and composite materials.

The base material that we use is extremely tough, as well as being abrasion resistant and can be supplied in either buckets, tubs or pouches to aid in dispensing efficiency.

Whether the application is cleaning the components of a light aircraft, a helicopter or an Airbus, the surface cleaning technology we provide flies high above the competition, with a number of benefits, including low VOC emissions.

Other benefits include the aerospace wipes being available as a refill pack, available in approved and standard fabrics and the fact they will not damage composite surfaces.

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service and can accommodate your individual needs.

Contact us for Aerospace Wipes

If you’re requiring further information about our aerospace wipes, you can read our material safety data sheet, or contact a member of our team today who will be able to provide you with the answers you need and more information on how we can provide an excellent service.