Aerospace Wipes for Your Helicopter

10:52am 23/07/19

Aerospace wipes from Speciality Wipes are not just used regularly on aeroplanes but also on helicopters.
Our range of composite wipes will help to maintain the high operational standards required for safe flights across the entire aviation sector.
The complex nature of aircraft construction and maintenance means our wipes are adapted to remove different types of greases and oils from both metal and composite materials.

Protecting Your Helicopter’s Paint Job

Helicopters today are painted with polyurethane type paints such as DuPont, PPG or Sherwin Williams; with the basic qualities for these paints the same.
When a helicopter is painted its recommended that the operator allows 90 days before polishing the paint with any products.
We would suggest not cleaning your helicopter in direct sunlight with the best time being early morning or in the shade if you haven’t got a hangar available.

Once the initial 90 days has passed it’s time to polish your helicopter but make sure you don’t use wax or any type of wax product as this will dull the finish and cause premature paint failure.
When you trap solvents with wax this stops your paint breathing and leads to peeling, crazing and flattening of a finish.
The best way to clean the surface of your helicopter is with Speciality Wipes’ aerospace wipes because as we mentioned previously they are designed specifically for metal and composite materials.

Get in Touch to Discuss Aerospace Wipes

Speciality Wipes are AMS3819 approved which relates to the standards of the fabrics used in cloths and absorbent materials.
This means our composite wipes can be used in the cockpit of your helicopter and the exterior components.

Further information about composite aerospace wipes can be found on our Material Safety Data Sheet.

If you have any questions about any of our products, please get in touch today; we’d love to hear from you.