Composite wipes need to fulfil specific requirements depending upon the industry sector in which they are being used. The world of aviation involves precision and skill across all areas to ensure that aircraft of all kinds meet the operational standards required for safe flight. To match these exacting demands, Speciality Wipes has produced composite wipes which are specifically designed for the aerospace sector.

Due to the complex nature of aircraft construction and maintenance these wipes are adapted to remove various greases and oils from both metal and composite materials.  The base material is extremely tough and abrasion resistant and available in both approved AMS3819 and BMF15-5F and non approved base material.  To assist with efficiency, our aerospace composite wipes can be supplied in either buckets or tubs, or in pouches for easy dispensing.

Aerospace Composite Wipes

Key advantages of our Aerospace Composite Wipes

Whether cleaning the components of a light aircraft, a helicopter, or a giant Airbus this surface cleaning technology and composite wipes flies high above the competition! Some of the many benefits to manufacturing and maintenance include:



  • Low VOC emissions
  • Will not damage composite surfaces
  • Extremely tough base materials which resist snagging and abrasion even on sharp edges
  • Removes uncured sealant with ease
  • Available as a refill pack
  • Available in both AMS3819 approved and standard fabrics

AMS3819 Approved Aerospace Composite Wipes

AMS3819 relates to the standards of the fabrics used in cloths and absorbent materials. Issued by the AMS G9 Sealing Commitee for composite wipes used for cleaning primary and secondary aircraft surfaces where residual contamination levels range from critical to moderate. This could be both inside the cabin and cockpit or the exterior of the fuselage and related components.

Discover More About Aerospace Composite Wipes

Further information about composite wipes for the aviation sector can be found by downloading the Aerospace Composite Wipes Material Safety Data Sheet.

At Speciality Wipes, a high level of service is imperative to us, which is why we accommodate for our customers as individuals with individual needs. To learn more about our aerospace composite wipes, or to discuss having a wiping product designed specifically to suit your needs, please get in touch.